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Administration is primarily implemented by the College of Sport Science Office in collaboration with departments and research institute offices. To provide effective administrative support and services, we conduct counselling by unitary Email (skkusports@skku.edu).  Please understand that we do not release each officer’s contact information to prevent unintended inefficiency in fulfilling our responsibilities to provide quality support and services.



Position Duties
Mr. Seung Chul KIM Director Office Management
Mr. Jin Sub SHIM Manager

Graduate Program

Faculty/ Research Support

Mr. Hyeong Jun BAK Assistant Manager


Student Affairs/ Safety

Ms. Soo Jin OH Assistant


3-poom Accreditation
Space Reservation

Ms. Hyun Jung KIM Assistant

Academic Affairs

Graduate Program


Name Position Duties
Mr. Ji Choul KIM Assistant Graduate Program
Mr. Dae Gyeong KIM Assistant Financial Affairs
Mr. Kang Jun LEE Assistant General Affairs
Ms. Myeong Soon YOON Assistant Liberal Arts
Mr. Dong Jun LEE Assistant Space Reservation
Ms. Jeong Min LEE Assistant Support Dean's Office